My name is Candace Lacewell. I am the founder, proprietor, and only employee of Faith Tax Services LLC. Because I observed how much people were paying the “Big” tax preparation companies for preparing their taxes, I started this business to assist friends, family, and low-income individuals. They soon told others about what I did for them and how affordable my rates are. I will be honest, I was one of those “Big Company” employees for three years, and so I saw first hand how they operate. I was one of two employees that worked in an office in Midwest City. I was there for its opening year and the following two years (3 years total).


I was the only employee to come back each year. The new employees sent to the office each year to work with me were individuals from different walks of life, but none had tax preparation experience. They filled out an application, were hired, and asked to take a one-week “tax course”. These individuals were expected to file a basic 1040EZ to a complicated small business return using a Q&A program. Due to their lack of training or knowledge on how to prepare them, my co-workers left the business and more complex basic returns to me.


The fees on the returns gave me a good salary. Like anyone, I too liked a big paycheck…  but at whose expense?  The client! There were many occasions where clients left due to their inability to pay the preparation fee. It was only permissible for me to take $20 off any given return… even as store supervisor in my third and final.


I advised my husband that I felt no one should be turned away from having his or her taxes filed due to the inability to pay! The clients who could not pay “Big Company” were low-income people that did not qualify for a RAL, ACR, or other services for whatever explanation. My husband and I had an idea! Why can’t we help these individuals? I know how to prepare taxes; furthermore, I went to college and took algebra and accounting classes.


One thing led to another and so here I am, a woman in her early thirties with a micro business of my own. A hobby turned into a full-blown micro business that has the BBB on my side. Yes, The BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU has invited me – Faith Tax Services – to their family of trusted business. We are working on finalizing it. This business was established in 2005 and grows a little every year. It is a caring, compassionate business. There are only two things in life that are guaranteed… death and taxes. Everyone should be able to file their taxes without worring about whether they can afford it.  I am a little business here to help all.


 I take cash, check, and yes, I’ll even barter services if need be… lol



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